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Company Name: Cerisier Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Nishishinsaibashi 1-7-12 Kansou BLDG 3F, Chuo-ku, Osaka city 542-0086, Japan
Tel: 06-6210-4214

Directors: CEO Noboru Minami

Business Purpose:
1. Product Planning, Producing, Marketing Swarovski decorated products (smart-phones, mobile-phones, bottles)products
2. Running deco-designer school
3. Product Planning, Producing, Marketing sandblasting and etching products
4. Running sandblasting art and etching art school
5. Renting deco items, sandblasting and etching art products
6. Recruiting affiliated stores and consulting business management by Franchise support system
7. Running the website and the E-commerce site
8. Selling and exporting alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
9. Selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages through the internet
10. Any ssociated businesses of the preceding paragraphs

The History:
Founded in 2006
Established in 2015

Business Blanding Swarovski Deco related shop: Blink Salon Cerisier
Deco School: Blink Artist Professional School
Etching shop: Cerisier+

http://www.cerisier-co.jp (Company Profile&School Information)
http://cerisier-plus.shop-pro.jp/ (Shop *note* Available only in Japan)
http://ameblo.jp/cerisier-salon/ (Blog)

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